Studio shot

Studio shot of the third mural of four in a series celebrating the Workers of Puerto Rico

New York in Black and White

New York in Black and White, a new series for 2017 with Galerie Tamenaga

From the  Workers of New York series.

Upcoming exhibit in Paris 2017. From the  Workers of New York series.

A Newsman, an Artist and the Messenger

Google tilt brush VR lab

With a Samsung technician at Google's VR lab

FIT Innovation Lab

With FIT student Patrick Obando (top) and Technology Manager James Pearce at the Virtual Reality studio at Emerging Technology Lab


3D Skateboarder

Sketching in 3D at Google's VR lab

In the Garage of Memory

Bert Caldwell

Studio visit from Bert Caldwell of the website ISPYSOUL. The site mainly covers music, but Bert wants to expand
into the visual arts. He stopped by to interview Tom and to take some some studio shots for an upcoming post.

Paseo Caribe Mural Project

El Mercado Panoramic Paseo Caribe Mural Project

A 4,000 square foot mural installation in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


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